We Have Disputed More Than 515,988 Negative Records And Growing As Of 2016


Offering solutions to raise your credit 

Unique Consulting Group is a credit enhancement company that takes pride in helping consumers improve their past credit history. We help you rebuild your bad credit by disputing all inaccurate, erroneous or outdated information which could adversely affect your credit score. In addition, we also provide you with everything you need to know in order to maintain a good credit profile.

What we do

Our proprietary method of disputing information far exceeds any method used today and has been fine tuned over years of communicating with the credit bureaus. The members of Unique Consulting Group have extensive experience making sure what is being reported on your credit file is a fair and accurate representation of your current situation. Seventy percent of all reports contain errors which hold down your score. We help you fix that!




img-3In recent years following my bankruptcy I was struggling to put together an effective credit rebuilding strategy. A friend of mine referred me to Unique Credit Consulting! I was of course skeptical that they could help me rebuild my credit score! After all I couldn’t do it by myself. I thought why not give it a try! Well, lo and behold I let the credit experts handle my account and I was surprised see my scores rise and then qualify for a secured card and now qualify for a unsecured card! ALL RIGHT to Unique Credit Consulting! Now I can pursue all my future credit needs thanks to Unique ! Way to go team!!!!

Gary Van Soosten - Client