Credit Repair gives you the best support and tools to easily run your own credit repair business today.


Unique Consulting Group provides you with the tools necessary to
conveniently run a credit repair business.

Easy contact and event management:

Organize notes, emails, files.

Organize notes, emails, files and more by contact to keep information at your fingertips and track interactions.

Automated recurring billing for your clients

Add our web lead form to your website or blog and use our built-in sales CRM tools for following up on leads and converting prospects into sales.

Facebook style real-time notifications

New leads, messages and reminders.

You've never been more organized:

A history log shows each client's account from start to finish, or the productivity of each team member.

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Our Package

A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart.

Disputing Package

One of the key features of our service is disputing, we will integrate the whole disputing process it removes the stress involved in communicating with the bureaus.

Merchant Access

A merchant account can be very difficult to obtain in this industry, we can help you select from groups of service providers that are familiar with the industry.

Client Login

We provide you with a full client solution with a client portal a create a customized web login for website branded with your company domain.

API Integration

When you use the UCG fulfillment program we create the bridge that communicates with your system and ours with no extra service charges, we treat you as a partner.

CRM Commications

Unique CRM - has built-in functions that allow our Affiliates to send quick emails, texts and even resending system alerts and passwords all within the use of your CRM platform.

Reports and Scores

We provide your clients with full credit report service that lists all of their accounts and credit scores, this also helps filter the positive and negative information.

ID Theft rotection

Protect your desktop/laptop computers (Windows and MAC) and mobile devices (iphone/ipads, Android/Tablets) against malware and keyloggers.

Dedicated Support

We offer free 1-on-1 CRM training for you clients, along with instructional videos and tooltips to make the process of a new employee much easier.

Simplify the process

Capture leads and close deals more efficiently with our Sales CRM.

Our lead generation tools can be added to your site or blog for easy access. in the portal, your employees will be able to utilize our built-in sales tools to follow up on leads and convert prospects into clients. our crm keeps you organized and focused.

Use sales data to track the progress of your business.

In your business dashboard, monitor productivity and growth with real-time insights and metrics to successfully grow and scale your company.

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Increase leads

Make conversions easier with affiliates

Unique Consultings affiliate portal allows you to monitor growth of sales and connect your affiliate network all in one platform.

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We offer more

Fulfillment Services, Identity Theft Protection, Keystroke Encryption, Do-it-yourself Credit Product, CRM Solution.

Over the last few years, thousands of people have contacted us with an interest in starting a credit repair business. A majority of those people are interested in the process of credit repair, in other words, fulfillment.

They are less concerned with discussing how to start, build and maintain that business. Their main focus should be on exactly that--starting, building and maintaining. unique consulting group has taken this into consideration and has created a foolproof fulfillment service that focuses on the maintenance of client relationships and customer loyalty. All it takes is them signing up.

Our powerful tools will help your grow your business

Access our custom tools that help manage and run your business CRM Tools, Auto Disputing,
Client Portal and other offers to sell clients

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