Unique Consulting Group has a great track record in helping consumers deal with the credit bureaus to remove any false, inaccurate, or unverifiable information from their credit reports. We have helped 1000s of consumers get their credit back on the right track through our proprietary dispute process. In today’s economy there is nothing more important than your credit score, it dictates every aspect of your financial life. We are here to help you.


Professional Service

“Let the professionals at Unique Consulting Group show you how you can enjoy all the benefits of a good credit score and build a better financial foundation for both you and your family.”

Why Correct My Credit? Good credit scores are by far one of the most important financial criterias in your life. Your credit report is the only necessary documentation to see just how well you pay things on time. Lower credit scores should result in much higher interest rates or a flat out denial in many cases. Any future investments one may be looking forward to obtaining will in most cases require a worthy enough credit score to do so. If you’re looking to buy a home or a car perhaps or even get approved for a credit card, creditors will check your credit scores to see if you can get approved and to determine the interest rate you qualify for.